In honour of The Bike

A BICYCLE is not a ticket to your dreams.
It’s not a romantic poem immortalized in black and white photography.
IT DOESN’T NOTICE … if you’re suffering nobly through wind & rain.
Or care if your ride is epic enough.
But it does leap forward when you push the pedals.
It dives and carves and sprints.
It gives back exactly what you put in.
And of course. It can make you feel REALLY DAMN AWESOME

Tour of Sibiu 2012. I can't wait for this year's edition! Tour of Sibiu 2012. I can’t wait for this year’s edition!

Skeletons of summer

Summer is gone, it still has a few bones lying around but other than that it’s safe to say the king has left the building. What now?
Just cold, cold rain and rocky singletrack covered in dead leaves over rolling hills, sometimes dipping into colder valleys
. Life goes on and you live with the skeletons in your closet.