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ge·ni·us lo·ci  (jns ls, -k, -k)

1. The distinctive atmosphere or pervading spirit of a place.

2. The guardian deity of a place.

[Latin genius loc : genius, spirit + loc, genitive sing. of locus, place.]

This documentary photography project will create an in-depth study of the communities across the Jiu Valley, Romania. To document how the shift from the coal hegemony status quo has created a period of turmoil in the economic and social environment  of the area, as well as in people’s day to day life.

The Jiu Valley in Romania, lies nestled in the Carpathian Mountains. While traditionally sheepherding country, in the 1850s with the advent of the Industrial Revolution coal mining has taken over the area  and caused continued growth up until the 1990s, when a combination of factors have led to the industry’s swift decline in the area, throwing local economy into tatters and the local people into poverty. The area is going through a difficult process of rediscovery as it tries to survive and redefine itself.

‘Genius Loci’ is intended as a  unique historical document of these singular times in the area’s history. Times that have reflections across the world and the throughout the history of humanity. Times that can define humanity’s eternal struggle to adapt to economic hardship.


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