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Gabriel Amza (MA’14) is a Romanian photographer and photojournalist with a MA in Photojournalism from Mittuniversitetet, Sweden. He is driven by his deep curiosity of the world around him, and photographs in order to understand it better and as a way to define his view of the world. As a photographer he focuses of surrealism and  documentary work.


Gabriel is also a co-founder of V Photo Agency.




Personal Exhibitions:

2009, ”Vedenii”, Medias

2014, ‘Genius Loci’ exhibition at the ‘Secvente’ Photo Festival in Ploiesti, Romania

2015, ‘GENIUS LOCI’ Appalachia-Carpathia Conference, Brasov 2015

2016, ‘Travels to Scartistan’ exhibition at Scart, Loc Lejer, Timisoara, 2016

Participated with works at:
2008, exhibition ISO 400 Student Photojournalism Contest

2009, exhibition ISO 400 Student Photojournalism Contest
2009, exhibition Photojournalism camp for ISO 400 winers de la Crivaia, Romania
2009, exhibition Petrosani arts camp, Romania
2009, exhibition ”Film Noir” CCS Timisoara, Romania

2010, exhibition: photo camp, Sofia, Bulgaria
2010, Exhibition of the national photography contest: Photogeografica, Bucuresti,

2011, ArtAiud photography exhibition, Aiud, Romania
2011, Conceptual photography exhibition by V Photo Agency, Timisoara, Romania

2013, Masters Work, group show, Fotomuseet, Sundsvall, Sweden

2014, Romanian Street Photography 2013 Exhibition, Bucharest, Romania
2014, Romanian Photography Salon, shortlist, Bucharest, Romania
2014, Norrlandsdagarna, Umeå, Sweden
2014, The First Dynasty – International Master of Arts in Photojournalism
2014, ISO 400 Photojournalism Winners Show, Romania
2014, ”Sihastria Taranilor din Ardeal” (The Lonesome life of Ardeals Peasants), Romania


Winner, ISO 400, 2009
two times winner, Photo of the day Peninsula festival, Targul Mures, Romania, 2009
Honorable mention, Stardust photography contest organized by Metropotam, 2008
Originality award, International Festival of Film and Photographic Art,, Medias,
Romania, 2009
Winner BestFest concert photography contest, 2011
Winner, BandaFoto’s photographer hunt, Bucharest, Romania, 2011
Second place, Freerider Magazine August photo contest, august 2012
Romanian Street Photography 2013, Finalist
First Place Winner: Portrait, Feature & Reportage categories, ISO 400 Photojournalism competition, 2014
Second Runner-up, graduate category, Transition Online’s student writing competition – addressing post-communist transition in Central or Eastern Europe.



The Institute

Onward Forward


Kamera&Bild Nyheter

Svenska Fotografers Forbund

Ain’t Bad Magazine

Foto 8

 Transitions Online


ARTE SI MESERII magazine (summer edition 2016)

Feel free to contact me by leaving an email in the comments section or contacting me directly at:

amza.gabriel[squiggly thing]


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